A Glimpse of an Angels wings
Seasons 4,5,6,7,8
First Appearance Lazarus Rising
Last Appearance -
Appearances Multiple episodes, (see below)
Race Children of God; Celestials
Powers Angelic ((see below))
Portrayed by Various

Angels are beings created by God. They are winged spirits that are native to Heaven. Although both angels and humans were created by God, angels are different to humans. Their true form can be called a holy righteous beast, ranging from having two to six feathered wing, four animalistic heads and can be tall as skyscrapers


[edit] Storyline

[edit] History

Sometime after God and Death come into existence, God created the Earth and the Leviathans roam it, eating and devouring everything. God was worried for the sake of the planet so he locked them in Purgatory.

Later, God creates the archangels (Michael, Lucifer, Raphael and Gabriel who are the first type of Celestials. Metatron, the fifth archangels and scribe was created at an unknown time. Soon after this, God makes the Seraphim, angels and Cupids. At first, the angels weren't allowed to be on Earth or possess a vessel.

Lucifer was originally God's favourite creation, but he was replaced with humanity, this infuriates Lucifer. He attempts to tell God about their flawed nature, but God doesn't listen. Lucifer then goes to Michael, but Michael won't disobey God. Gabriel can't stand the arguments so he leaves to Earth and poses as The Trickster. Lucifer goes to earth and corrupts a human soul and creates the first demon, Lilith. This angers God, who orders Michaels to send Lucifer to hell.

Castiel and his Garrison watch the first animals "heave" themselves onto a beach, and the first humans build. Castiel's immediate Garrison (Anna, Uriel, Hester, Balthazar and Inias) are stationed to watch Earth and protect it.

In the 1970's, the Angels secretly arrange for Mary Campbell and John Winchester to fall in love and conceive two children; Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester

[edit] Season Four

In 2009, Castiel is sent to rescue Dean from Hell and he leads a siege against Hell, which Uriel was a part of. Castiel saves Dean, but not in time to stop him from breaking the first of the 66 Seals needed to break Lucifer free from Hell. On Earth, angels try to stop Lilith from bringing the Rising of the Witnesses, but they fail and that breaks another seal. Two witches prepare to summon the demon Samhain which will cause the breaking of another seal, Castiel and Uriel are sent to destroy the whole town to stop the seal from breaking. The Winchesters won't allow them to kill the entire town and set out on their own to stop the summoning. They fail to prevent the summoning, and although they defeat Samhain the seal has already been broken.

A Fallen Angel by the name of Anna Milton is on Earth, after she "cut" out her Grace (which the angelic energy source that supports their powers) and is in a ward because she can hear Angels, she later escapes. After searching, Alastair, a demon find hers and has two demon brutes with him. Castiel and Uriel arrive, and they fight. Uriel easily overpowers both of Alastair's brutes, but Castiel is overpowered and apprehended by Alastair. Anna then regains her Grace, and re-becomes a full-blown Angel.

The Angels also manage to save a seal, which was the attempted killings of two Reapers, but tricking Sam and Dean into investigating a town where no-one can die. They also capture Alastair. Seven Angels from Castiel's Garrison are murdered around this time and the first suspect is Lilith

Uriel and Castiel have Dean, who was Alastair's former apprentice during his stay in Hell, torture Alastair in order to find out how Lilith is killing the Angels. Alastair breaks free, beats up Dean and almost exorcises Castiel when Sam appears, and after he finds out that Lilith is not behind the murders of the Angels, kills Alastair. Castiel later discovers that Uriel is that true murderer and is an agent of Lucifer. Uriel tries to persuade Castiel to help him to free Lucifer, but Castiel refuses to and fights his friend. Uriel gets the upper hand in the fight, but Anna appears and kills Uriel with an Angel Blade.

Soon afterwards, Castiel learns something important and tries to warn Dean, but he is captured by Angels and taken to Heaven, where he is tortured back into obeying. It is revealed by Zachariah, that "Senior Management" intended on the 66 Seals breaking so Lucifer can become free from Hell, and have Michael in his true vessel, destroy Lucifer and bring everlasting paradise on Earth.

[edit] Season Five

As it was planned, Lilith was killed and that caused the last of the 66 Seals to be broken, and Lucifer is freed. Dean says no to being Michaels vessel, which makes Lucifer unstoppable for the remainder of Season Five. For the most of the season, Zachariah tries to get Dean to say yes, and he even sends him forward in time, to Heaven and tortures him and Sam, but Dean continues to refuse and ends up killing Zachariah himself.

Anna Milton attempts to the the Apocalypse by herself by going back in time and killing John and Mary Winchester before Sam's birth. She fails this and is killed by Michael. Gabriel tries to help the Winchesters kill Lucifer, but is killed himself. Throughout the season, Castiel who is now a Fallen Angel works with the Winchesters to try and stop the Apocalypse.

In Swan Song, Michael who is using Sam and Deans half brother Adam Milligan as a vessel, confronts Lucifer who is using Sam as a vessel. Eventually, Sam regains control of his body and throws himself and Michael into Lucifers Cage, ending the Apocalypse. Castiel, who was killed earlier by Lucifer for throwing a molotov of holy fire at his brother, is brought back to life as an even more powerful angel, and brings Bobby Singer back to life, who was also killed. He then heals Dean and heads back to Heaven in an attempt to restore order.

[edit] Season Six

After Micheal's imprisonment and God abandoned Heaven, the angels all fall into disarray. They don't know what to do or who to take orders from. Castiel who had originally rebelled from Heaven to help the Winchesters, preaches the idea of "Free Will" to the angels. Many Angels can't grasp the idea and the only remaining Archangel Raphael confronts Castiel and demands that he repents his rebellion. He also plans to release Lucifer and Michael from the cage and restart the Apocalypse. Castiel refuses to go along with this plan and Raphael threatens to destroy him and all his followers unless they obey.

Reluctantly, Castiel ends up making a pact with Crowley the new King of Hell. They both go to Hell and they plot to open up Purgatory and absorb the souls of all the deceased monsters inside of it. In order to initiate a war against Raphael, Crowley gives Castiel 50,000. In the process Castiel also pulls Sam from Lucifers Cage, but forgets his soul.

Even though with the help of Balthazar and gaining control of Heaven's Weapons, Castiels war doesn't go to plan, and goes quite badly and he becomes more desperate to find Purgatory.

The Winchesters find out about what Castiel has been doing, they confront him and he tries unsuccessfully to convince them that he has to do this.

Later, Castiel opens Purgatory successfully after going back on his deal with Crowley and takes in all of the souls. Unknown to him he also takes in the Leviathan. He then obliterates Raphael.

[edit] Season Seven

Castiel goes to Heaven and smites every single surviving Angel who ever help Raphael and he tells the rest of the angels that he is their father now and that if they do not obey that they must suffer the consequences. He returns to Earth and destroys everything he perceives to be evil. He eventually realizes the error of his ways and asks Bobby and the Winchesters for help. With their help he sends all the souls back to Purgatory, except for the Leviathan.

The Leviathan takes over his vessel and him and cause him to beat up Bobby and Dean. They then leave and disperse into the water supply and leaves Castiel and his vessel Jimmy Novak seemingly destroyed.

However, he is ressurected again and has no memory or recollection of who or what he was. He goes by the name "Emanuel" and marries the human woman who found him. Dean and Meg remind him of who and what he was and after he regains his memory, he tries to save Sam, who is almost insane due to seeing hallucinations of Lucifer. He takes Sams condition onto himself and although this saves Sam, it forces Castiel to stay at the mental hospital under Meg's protection.

Back in Heaven, Hester and Inias take command of the few remaining angels. Dean and Sam break the shell of The Word of God and a ting is emitted, one that can only be heard by Angels. When Castiel hears it, he awakens differently, more calm and timid and refuses to fight.

Castiel provides Sam and Dean with his own blood for a weapon and then goes off on his own. He can't hear anything from his Garrison and after visiting the home of Prophet Kevin Tran he finds the entire Garrison is dead or hiding as victims of the Leviathans.

With Deans help, Castiel kills the Leviathan leader, but this transports him and Dean to Purgatory.

[edit] Types of Angels

[edit] Archangels

Archangels are the eldest and most powerful of the angels. At least four of the five of them are the only ones to have seen His face. They are imbued with unimaginable power and authority and are some of the strongest beings in all of Creation. The first four of the archangels were born in this order: Michael, Lucifer, Raphael and Gabriel. Only two are alive now, and they are Michael and Lucifer but they are trapped forever sealed away in Lucifer's Cage. Gabriel was killed by Lucifer and while wielding all of the souls of Purgatory, Castiel killed Raphael.

[edit] Seraphim

Seraphs are a whole different kind of Angelic being and they rank higher than regular angels and Cupids. For a long time, Zachariah was the only known Seraph, but after Castiel was promoted, he also became one. Like the Archangels their powers are also imbued inside them and if they Fall or become cut off from Heaven, their powers remain.

[edit] Angels

These are just normal and common angels. Although they are nowhere near as powerful as Archangels or Seraphim, they can still destroy demons and monsters with relative ease. They are grouped into Garrisons and are commanded by Seraphim. None of them have ever actually met God and they all carry Angel Blades. Three standard Angels are Anna Milton, Castiel and Uriel

[edit] Cupids

Cupids are at the very bottom of the Celestial chain of command. They follow Heaven's orders and they are responsible for manipulation affection. For example, Cupids matched John and Mary Winchester on Heaven's orders so Dean and Sam would be born.

[edit] Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels are angels who either left Heaven voluntarily or were banished from Heaven. They look just like normal angels but their abilities can be affected depending on their rank. Known banished angels are Lucifer and Anna Milton, both of which fell on their own accord. Castiel is the most recent Fallen Angel, and he has Fallen twice, once when he rebelled against the Apocalypse and the second (and current) time is when he left of his own accord, but due to his promotion to a Seraph, he keeps his powers and abilities.

[edit] Powers and Abilities

[edit] Powers that all angels possess

  • Angelic Possession - Like Demons, angels need a vessel while on Earth, but they must have the vessel's permission before they can take control.
  • Astral Projection - Angels can project their wings onto surfaces. If one is killed by an Angel Blade their wings are burnt onto the surface they died on
  • Chronokinesis - Angels can travel through time in any direction and can bring others with them, this is easier to do when connected to Heaven.
  • Dream Walking - Angels can appear in peoples dreams when they cannot find the person they are looking for or want to speak privately.
  • Electronic Manipulation - They can manipulate electrical appliances.
  • Immortality - Angels do not age, nor can they be killed by diseases or Earthly weapons.
  • Regeneration - In the case of an Angel's vessel being damaged, it heals itself almost instantly.
  • 'Sedation' - Angels can make humans unconscious with just a touch.
  • Superhuman Stamina - Angels do not require food, water, oxygen or sleep to sustain themselves
  • Supernatural Perception - Angels can see all supernatural activity around them. They can sense any location, being or object not protected by Enochian symbols
  • Telekinesis - Angels can move objects and beings purely with their mind.
  • Teleportation - Angels can travel instantly from one place to another and also can summon or send other beings

"Supernatural mind control"-angels can take over the mind of both humans and the supernatural creatures

[edit] Weaknesses

Angels are very difficult to kill, and the ways to kill or hurt demons and humans have no affect on them at all.

[edit] Harming and trapping

  • Holy Fire - If encased in flames made from Holy Oil, the angel is trapped but can still use their powers to aid their escape. If they touch the flame, both the vessel and the angel with die. It cannot kill Michael however, only banish him.
  • Enochian Sigils - When Enochian sigils are placed on a humans ribcage (Like Castiel did to Dean and Sam)) it prevents any angel or archangel from finding them. Painting these sigils on a building's walls will prevent them from entering.
  • Hex Bags - Can be used to prevent angels from finding them or detection them.

[edit] Banishing or Destroying

  • Blood Seal - If a person places their hand on a blood seal then all angels in the immediate are will be banished, a fellow angel can also active the seal this way and will not be banished. However, if the seal is placed upon an angels body by means of carving and they then activate it, it will banish that angel as well.
  • Exorcism Chant - There is a chant that can be used to exorcise angels from their vessels, it doesn't seem to be well known as it has only been used by Alastair.
  • 'Angelic Blade - An angel can be killed by an angelic blade as long as their are stabbed in a vital area of the human body.

[edit] Known Angels

[edit] Cherubim

[edit] Angels

[edit] Seraphim

[edit] Archangels

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Season Two

[edit] Season Three

[edit] Season Four

[edit] Season Five

[edit] Season Six

[edit] Season Seven

[edit] Season Eight

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