Race Angel/Seraphim
First Appearance Lazarus Rising
Last Appearance -
Seasons 4,5,6,7,8
Appearances See below
Status Alive
Occupation Fallen Angel
Portrayed by Misha Collins

Castiel is a Fallen Angel of God who was the Angel who pulled Dean Winchester out of Hell in the first episode of Season Four 'Lazarus Rising'. It was his job to try to stop the 66 Seals being broken at the hands of Lilith because if they broke, Lucifer would be free. Castiel learnt that the angels wanted to free Lucifer and so he defied them and eventually died trying to prevent Sam Winchester from breaking the final seal. Despite the fact he died trying to help, the final seal was still broken.

After being killed by Raphael, he was resurrected by God and was then appointed as the protector of the Winchester brothers to try and prevent them from becoming Michael and Lucifer's vessels. He was killed again, and when the Apocalypse was averted, he was resurrected again with new and better powers. He started a civil war in Heaven to try and stop Raphael from restarting the Apocalypse. He teamed up with the demon Crowley, because he thought he couldn't be outsmarted by a demon and they planned to claim the souls from Purgatory. He eventually betrayed Crowley and absorbed all the souls and gained powers that reached the level of a God, but these powers warped his mind and caused him to proclaim himself as "the new God".

After given advice by Dean, Castiel later agreed to send the souls back to Purgatory. It seemed successful, but the Leviathans stayed inside Castiel and eventually overpowered him. Castiel was presumed dead after the Leviathans left him to take over new forms, he survived, apparently God resurrected him again. Dean stumbles upon Castiel accidentally when Castiel is a healer named Emmanuel, and he had no recollection of him being an angel.

He took on Sam's madness from his experience in Hell in order to redeem himself and save Sam, this caused Castiel to become insane. After hearing a signal that was sent to all angels after they found the Word of God, his sanity returned to an extent. He helps the Winchester brothers defeat Dick Roman and is transported to Purgatory with Dean.

When Dean returns from Purgatory, Castiel is not with him. Dean refuses to elaborate about what happened in Purgatory for the year, so details are not known.

In the episode Blood Brother, Castiel is revealed to be a Seraph. It is unknown when he ranked as one, but it is speculated that when he said "he was given improved powers" he meant he is no longer a regular angel.

[edit] Appearance

As an angel, seeing his true form will result in blindness as his natural visage is so overwhelming that is can burn human or demon eyes from their sockets. He stated that certain "special people" are able to tolerate his true voice and appearance. His true form has never been seen, but it's known that he has two feathered wings and his true form's is around the size of the Chrysler building. His true form is presumed to be terrifying as the image of it caused Crowley to flee.

For humans, they see him in his vessel, Jimmy Novak, who is an average man in his thirties. He wears a pair of dress shoes, a black suit, unbuttoned white-striped dress shirt with a loosened blue tie and a beige trench coat.

Since the third time he was resurrected, his appearance changed. He lost his trench coat when he died the third time and while he was amnesic he wore different clothes. After he regained his memories, Dean gave back the trench coat, but Castiel wore Emmanuel's clothes until he went insane. Now that he is insane, he wears the trench coat and hospital scrubs.

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