Supernatural's debut episode
Season Season One
Episode One
airdate September 13, 2005

Pilot was the pilot episode of the television series Supernatural and aired on September 13, 2005.

[edit] Episode

Dean Winchester, a young boy at the time, says goodnight to his younger brother, Sam Winchester, along with the rest of his family. Their mother, Mary Winchester, is later awakened by the disturbances heard from her monitor. She slowly makes her way to Sam's nursery where she sees a body lurking over the boy. Assuming this is her husband, John Winchester, she makes her way downstairs. Lights flicker in the hallway. She gets downstairs and finds her husband asleep in the living room, the television left on. Mary bolts back up the stairs into the nursery and lets out a scream, awakening her husband who follows the terrifying sound. Blood drips from the ceiling where his wife is pinned to by some supernatural force. John hands Sam to his older brother, Dean, and returns to Sam's nursery; he is too late, however, and his wife is completely consumed by flames. He follows his fleeing kids outside just as the house explodes in flames.

The scene fast forwards to present day Stanford university where Sam's girlfriend, Rachel Moore, begs him to attend a Halloween party. His girlfriend tells him that she's proud of his achievements in football, but he tells her that he has an interview with a law firm coming up. He has yet to tell the rest of his family.

Later that night Sam is asleep and hears a noise coming from another room. Upon investigating, Sam is attacked by a stranger who discovers to be his brother, Dean Winchester. Dean reveals that their dad has been on a "hunting trip" and that he hasn't been home in a few days. Sam is a bit reluctant to follow his brother to find his father because he wants to lead a normal life. Sam asks what their father was hunting, and Dean reveals newspapers of missing men near the area of California. He tells Sam that their dad left about three weeks prior to find out what happened. Dean plays a hard-to-hear voicemail of his father with an encrypted message saying, "never go home." Sam agrees to go, but he needs to come back by Monday to attend his law school interview.

He packs his bags and assures Rachel that he will be back by Monday safely.

The scene flashes to Jericho, California where a man driving alone in his car finds a woman on the side of the street in a white dress. She asks him, "take me home?" before entering his car and pulling her dress slowly up. "Will you come home with me?" she asks to which the boy answers, "hell yeah!" The car pulls up to an old wooden house. "I can never go home," she says before disappearing when the man looks away. Confused, the man walks slowly towards the broken down house before a crow flies out towards him, scaring him. He gets back into the car and drives away, but the girl appears in the back seat. The man loses control of the car and is killed.

Dean and Sam are at a gas station where Dean informs Sam of their dad and his experiences while Sam was away at college. They arrive in Jericho where the man lost control of his car and died on the bridge. Dean withdraws badges and assume the roles of federal marshals. They interrogate the officer on duty and discover that the officers know little-to-nothing abut the case and that they are once again forced to discover why by themselves.

Dean and Sam find Amy, Troy's, the man who recently died earlier, girlfriend. Amy confides a story to Dean and Sam that a girl killed herself on the bridge near Centenneal highway, and she hitch hikes and kills those who pick her up. The girl was named Constance Welch.

Dean and Sam return to the bridge later that night where Constance killed herself. Dean tells Sam that he's bound to end up just like Dean and their father. Sam rejects the idea of becoming so entranced in their witch hunt and tells Dean that their mother is gone. They witness the ghost Constance jump off the bridge just before Dean's car mysteriously starts up by itself and runs the two of them down, forcing them to jump off the bridge as well. Sam dangles from the edge of the bridge while Dean crawls out of the water below covered in mud.

Dean and Sam check into a motel nearby where they break into the room their father stayed in. Sam notices that their dad has solved the identity of the woman, Constance Welch. Dean says that their dad would have found her dead body and destroyed it. They decide to try to find her husband if he still lives. Before they find him, however, Dean cleans up and goes to get food.Sam remains behind as he tries to get a hold of Rachel, his girlfriend. When Dean gets outside, a nearby sheriff spots him. He calls Sam and tells him to get out as soon as possible. The sheriff discovers that he faked his identity and that he used a fake credit card. In interrogation, the officer in the room reveals Dean's fathers' notebook to Dean.

Sam finds Constance's husband and discovers where his wife was buried. He tells Sam that he had a happy marriage and that he never found another woman who could compare. Sam asks if he has heard about "a woman in white." Sam tells him that women in white, while alive, undergo temporary insanity because their husbands have been unfaithful and kill their children. When they return to sanity and discover what they have done, they kill themselves. Thus, after they have died they lure unfaithful men back to their home and kill them if they cheat. Her husband admits to making a few mistakes but becomes angry with Sam, telling him to never come back.

Back in interrogation, Dean tells the officer that the number written in John Winchester's diary is his locker combination. The officer is called on duty and Dean slips out of his handcuffs by using a paper clip in the room.

Dean calls Sam from a telephone booth and tells him that their father has left Jericho. The numbers in the book are coordinates. Sam runs into Constance, who appears in his car. Sam tells her that he will not take her home, so she locks his car and controls it for him. She pins him down in his chair. He tells her that she can't kill him because he's never been unfaithful. "You will be," she tells him. She puts her hand into his chest and almost tears his heart out before Dean Winchester appears and shoots the ghost until she disappears. Sam floors the car into the building, allowing Constance to finally return home.

An angry Constance pins Dean and Sam as water pours in from the upstairs floor. Her children stand at the top of the stairs, saying, "you've come home to us, mommy." The two kids take hold of their mother and bring her back to the netherland where they disappear into a hole of water.

Dean and Sam pinpoint their father's location to Blackwater Ridge. Sam refuses to go, however, and insists he makes his interview. Sam appears happy to return to his dorm and back to his normal life. Cookies and a note greet him when he enters through the door, and the sound of a shower brings a smile to his face. Blood drips onto his head from the ceiling to reveal his girlfriend being engulfed in flames just as his mother was. Dean rescues his brother once again and the episode ends with Sam telling Dean that "we've got work to do."

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